Why do ClassForkids take a platform fee?

To help operate the ClassForKids platform and its many great features, we charge a platform fee for all payments facilitated and processed online

What value does my club get from this?

  • Booking secured and payments upfront - no more chasing parents for money during term time
  • Payments processed automatically into your bank account -  less trips to the bank, more time planning your sessions
  • Financial data automatically recorded and analysed with our intuitive financials feature
  • Refund facility

What’s in it for your parents

  • Safe and secure way to pay which gives your business that professional feel
  • Convenience of paying online (no time and effort needed to produce cash/cheque)
  • Peace of mind that their space in secured
  • Booking and payment done in one place - no being passed around different websites
  • Parents don’t like choices - keep it simple

When do you take a platform fee?

When you take an online payment, ClassForKids will automatically deduct the 4.5%+20p platform fee from the total transaction amount

How is the fee deducted?

This charge will be taken directly from your parents payment before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you. For example, if a customer books an term or camp priced at £100, ClassForKids will deduct £4.70 before giving you £95.30. Most clubs choose to increase their prices to accommodate as a cost of doing business. We give you a handy calculator in the system to help you set your prices so that you don’t take home any less than you do now.

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